Lamfhind, son of Agnoman of Scythia, a descendant of Goidel Glas was best known for escorting his people, the Gaels out of Scythia after his father Agnoman murdered Refloir, the king of Scythia. Agnoman and his followers spent the next seven years wandering the sea in three ships that were lashed together. After Agnoman died, Lamfhind and his brother Allot, and their cousin Caicher the Druid took charg. Caicher protected the Gaels from the Sirens the same way that Odysseus did in the Odyssey. (Melting wax in their ears). Caicher also prophesied that they would land in Ireland within the next 300 years. (Moses told Goidel Glas a similar prophecy).

Lamfhind eventually led his followers to Gothia in modern day Sweden. His son, Eber Glunfhind, was born there. Years later, his descendant Brath led the Gaels from Gothia to Spain, where Brath's grandson Ith spied Ireland from a tower, thus fufilling the prophecies of Caicher and Moses.